Community Sports – Go Bulldogs!

Hometown Veterinary Care is proud to support numerous sports teams and extra-curricular activities at our local schools in Fairfield, Maine and other surrounding towns. We support Fairfield PAL, Lawrence High School basketball and soccer, as well as the Lawrence High School marching band.

HVC’s windows painted to support Lawrence Bulldogs

Food and Pet Supply Donations

Holiday pet food collection

Hometown Veterinary Care enjoys helping to collect food and pet supplies during the holiday seasons for families who need help taking care of their pets and local animal welfare organizations. We annually sponsor Mix 107.9’s Weekend Holiday Store to collect dog and cat food for the Waterville Humane Society. We also host our own “Holiday Pet Food Collection” to gather food and other pet supply items over the holiday season. Collected items are donated to the Waterville Humane Society and our local AniMeals Program.

Waterville Humane Society

Hometown Veterinary Care provides low cost veterinary services for the Waterville Humane Society when they request assistance. For example, Hometown Veterinary Care kept and cared for a cat from the Waterville Humane Society for several weeks after she was spayed at another clinic. The cat had a terrible reaction to the sutures from the surgery and some self-mutilation, which resulted in an open and necrotic incision site. Hometown Veterinary Care performed daily laser therapy on the cat’s wound to ensure proper healing and provided daily nursing care and affection


Gabbie and Alice Turn Nine and Help the Canine

Gabbie and Alice on The Ellen Show

Gabbie and Alice on The Ellen Show

Gabbie and Alice are two 8-year-old girls from Waterville. For the past two years, in lieu of birthday gifts, they have asked that donations be made to a specific cause to help make the world a better place. Their story gained national attention and Gabby and Alice even appeared on “The Ellen Show.” To celebrate Gabbie and Alice’s birthday this year, they asked for donations to help support local humane societies. Hometown Veterinary Care helped to sponsor the event they hosted this year called “Gabbie and Alice Turn Nine and Help the Canine.”

Gabbie & Alice team up with HTV

HTV is proud to sponsor Gabbie and Alice’s 9th birthday. Visit their website at