HVC offers a variety of health services to local farmers. From the largest dairy operation to the smallest hobby farm, we provide our clients with appropriate vaccination protocols, routine pregnancy checks via ultrasound, nutrition consultation, sick animal care/emergency services to our clients.

Dairy Production Medicine

HVC offers high quality medical, surgical, and consultation services for many of the larger dairies in the state of Maine.  We provide recommendations for the latest herd management practices to maximize cow health and comfort.  Below is a list of services we routinely offer:

  • Calf Care:  we routinely monitor total proteins for evidence of adequate passive transfer, ensuring proper hygiene/feeding protocols, and devise treatment protocols for sick calf management
  • Reproduction: we provide early pregnancy detection with ultrasound to ensure fetal viability by 28-30 days. We work to establish effective synchronization protocols to improve reproductive efficiency and maximize conception rates (Ovsynch, GGPG, etc.)  
  • Herd Health Programs:  we work with each farm, no matter how large or small, to develop vaccination programs, treatment protocols, and SOPs, and work to maintain a valid VCPR
  • Surgical Services:  we routinely provide livestock surgical services, including dystocias (difficult labor), C sections, castrations, dehorning, rectal or vaginal/uterine prolapses, tumor removals, enucleations, laceration repairs, etc.
  • Employee Training:  we work with farms to establish written protocols and visual materials (posters, flowcharts, etc.) to ensure a proper standard of care. We can provide rudimentary Spanish translation services for written documents/protocols to ensure all employees have full understanding of current protocols.

Small Ruminants (Sheep/Goats)

HVC routinely works with small ruminant herds of any size–from one backyard animal to larger commercial flocks.  We will work with you to devise appropriate vaccination protocols, biosecurity panels (CAE/OPP, CL, and Johne’s testing), and provide routine fecal screening to allow for effective deworming without the development of anthelmintic resistance.  Should your small ruminant need emergency services, we are happy to perform thorough physical exams and provide diagnostic and treatment plans either on-farm or in our clinic.

Camelids (Alpacas/Llamas) We are equipped and ready to provide herd health services for all camelids, whether providing routine care (vaccinations, physical exam, deworming recommendations) or offering sick animal management.  We also offer pregnancy detection via ultrasound to evaluate fetal viability in our camelid patients.