Veterinary Service

Pet General Surgery

Our expert veterinarians are able to perform a comprehensive range of surgical procedures for your beloved pets.

cat with a cone around its head

Pet Surgery

At Hometown Veterinary Care, we perform routine spay and neuter surgeries daily and schedule non-routine surgeries (such as enucleations, entropion/ectropion repairs, cherry eye repairs, amputations, and many more) on an as-needed basis.

What to expect at a typical surgical visit:

  • Your pet arrives at the hospital early in the morning and spends the day with us.
  • A brief exam of your pet is performed, and pre-anesthetic bloodwork is drawn prior to surgery.
  • Provided that both your pet’s exam and bloodwork indicate no abnormalities, anesthesia will be administered.
  • Your pet is carefully monitored before, during, and after their procedure by machine and trained personnel. Pain management is very important to us and is addressed and monitored prior to surgery and during recovery.
  • Your pet will be discharged from the hospital with a set of post-operative care instructions and appropriate pain medications.

Veterinary Services in Hometown Veterinary Care